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When we were little we all had a dream to change the world … We still follow our childhood’s dreams

Green Karavan was born in consequence of the meeting of people who are passionate and concerned about the future of our planet and “know-how” we must educate our children so that they will understand the behaviors and actions that must be undertaken, from an early age, to benefit from a better future for the planet.

Coming from different backgrounds, our respective and complementary skills allow us to put in place essential tools for a good understanding of the challenges for sustainable and reasoned development.

Helping children to understand essential actions is to change the future.

Pascal conicella
Author of the educational books “Les Voyages Fantastiques de Téo & Léonie”, Pascal, after his beginnings in typography and graphic art, quickly broadened his horizons to focus on photography, animation, cinema, then video games and advanced technologies, such as holograms, virtual reality, and augmented reality.
It was while traveling around the world in a backpack, and rich in human experiences and discoveries, that he had the idea to make educational books for children.
Green Karavan is simply the continuation of his books including the concepts of sustainable development for children.

Thibault Sériès
Socio-cultural animation and development of fun activities with educational purposes for “Les Voyages Fantastiques de Téo & Léonie” and “Green Karavan”
For more than 23 years, Thibault has been working alongside the world of popular education with the youngest. He tends to create actions, multidisciplinary projects in order to allow everyone to understand the world, on their own scale and to have educative background that will be able to modify their image.
An inveterate player from an early age, he has been developing, over the past ten years, many fun, associative and institutional projects, in order to transmit and share the values of the Game as a cultural, social and educational object, and as a link between people.
Animator, storyteller, player, Thibault feeds on the dreams that he encounters on his way every day…

Michel Speiser
Michel’s favorite activity, aside from reading science fiction, is discovering the patterns hidden in a large dataset.
He is Chief Data Scientist of the International Center for Earth Simulation (ICES Foundation, Geneva), where he develops “Machine Learning” techniques to improve modeling, simulation and visualization in the field of Earth systems.
Before that, he spent more than 6 years as a researcher at IBM Research, where he designed data analysis algorithms based on probabilistic, statistical, machine learning and data mining techniques.
Michel enjoys discovering new fields, and has worked with experts in web traffic, immunology, power electronics, neurosciences, digital microscopy, etc.
He studied computer science and mathematics (EPFL) and applied physics (Chalmers), and holds a doctorate in operations research and information systems (ETH Zurich).




Our partners



Do you feel concerned about sustainable development, ecology, the well-being of our planet and its occupants? Come and join us by taking the Green Karavan road.
As for a child, the godfather and the godmother hold a preponderant place in the life of an association.
Giving us the benefit of your network and your media exposure would allow Green Karavan to move up a gear and go even further.
However, for sponsorship to really pay off in the long term, we need to make sure we are on the same page. Otherwise, we risk damaging the association’s image. This is why we pay special attention to our future sponsors so as not to offend our own objectives.


“Green Karavan is a great way to engage our children and young students and prepare them for the future management of planet Earth.
Through the magic of virtual reality and the adventures of Teo and Leonie, students will discover the essential ecological truths that unite nature and human society in the mystical dance of life.
What a unique way to reveal what has been sadly missing in the education of today’s world leaders.
There’s no time to waste riding with Green Karavan”.

Bob Bishop spent 40 years in the world of technical, engineering and scientific computing. He was responsible for the international operations of Silicon Graphics Inc, Apollo Computer Inc, and Digital Equipment Corporation.
He and his family have lived in the United States, Australia, Japan, Germany and Switzerland to pursue his professional career. He was CEO of SGI from 1999 to 2005.
Bob Bishop has been involved in a variety of international initiatives, including serving on boards such as the European Union’s Human Brain Project, the National ICT Australia (NICTA), the Multimedia Super Corridor of Malaysia, the University Tenaga Nasional (Uniten), and UCLA’s Laboratory for Neural Imaging (LONI).
He is a member of the Australian Davos Connection, and an elected member of the Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences.
Bob Bishop is the recipient of First Class Honors in Mathematical Physics from the University of Adelaide, Australia, and a Master of Science degree from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University. He also received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Queensland.
In 2006, he was awarded the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal for his role in developing simulation tools that enabled the return of the space shuttle to Earth after the Columbia disaster in 2003.
Bob Bishop is President and Founder of BBWorld Consulting Services Sàrl and the International Centre for Earth Simulation (ICES) Foundation, both based in Geneva.

More about the ICES Foundation

Le Clos Lucé

“The projects you’ve been developing since Téo & Léonie until recently
Green Karavan and Save Leonardo, can only enthuse us.
The scientific rigour of your speech combined with the variety of media used transforms your initiatives into real didactic and playful tools.
Pedagogy at the heart of your projects! »

Paul RiffaultResponsible for educational part

The Château du Clos Lucé is a place of awakening and discovery for young people, allowing them to understand the multidisciplinary genius of Leonardo da Vinci and the civilising phenomenon of the Renaissance.
It is thanks to Leonardo da Vinci, and his flying machine, that time travel will enable children to visualise the past and the future.
Le Clos Lucé’s support for this project will enable more than 45,000 children each year to understand the ins and outs of our planet’s ecological and climatic problems.

More info about Le Clos Lucé